Students with AP, IB, or Cambridge University International exam scores have options to apply them as credits on their transcript. Additionally, academic advisers may extend options to apply dual-credit coursework toward Trinity University course credit.

Credit by Exam Policies

  • Note: Students Entering Fall 2015 and Afterward May Not Use CreditBy Exam To Fulfill the following Pathways Requirements: Approaches to Creation and Analysis, and the Interdisciplinary Cluster.

All credit by examination isrecorded on the student’s permanent record as credit (CR) without a grade and becomes part of the official transcript. No credit is valid without the student’s enrollment for credit at Trinity University. Transfer credit will not be allowed for credit by examination which does not meet Trinity’s requirements.

All credit by examination must be earned in disciplines in which the student does not already have credit more advanced than the level of the examination. Credit by examination may not be duplicated by subsequent enrollment in an equivalent course for credit. Upon recommendation of the student’s faculty advisor and with the approval of the appropriate department, the Registrar may delete credit by examination from the permanent record to allow the student to take the equivalent course for credit.

Credit earned by examination satisfies degree requirements in the same way as does credit earned by passing the course, except that it does not count as credit earned in residence. If the student takes the course for which credit has been given at entrance, the credit at entrance is deleted completely from the permanent record.

* Student must petition the department for laboratory credit in Physics.
** FL = Foreign Language, GA = Global Awareness, DL = Digital Literacy
*** Meets the foreign language skill requirement for Pathways curriculum; no credit awarded. Student may enroll in 2302/2402.

**** No more than 6 credits of HIST 1390 may be awarded