The Pathways curriculum defines three main categories for capacities.

1. Written, Oral, and Visual Communication

Students should demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and across a variety of media.

  • Requirements

    Students must fulfill written, oral, and visual communications requirements by successfully completing:

    • two designated courses that require extensive writing and provide substantial instruction in written communication;
    • two designated courses that require significant oral presentation supported by visual products and provide substantial instruction in oral and visual communication.

2. Digital Literacy

Students should demonstrate the ability to investigate questions, solve problems, and engage in artistic expression through digital technology, and to evaluate its design, function, and cultural impact.

  • Requirements

    Students must successfully complete one course designed to provide substantial instruction in and engagement with principles and tools of digital information.

3. Global Awareness, Understanding Diversity, Historical Perspective, and Foreign Language

Students should demonstrate the ability to identify and articulate the perspectives and values of diverse peoples, groups, cultures, and historical events around the globe. With the ability to communicate in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above, students should demonstrate the ability to gather and evaluate information from sources that facilitate cross-cultural understanding.

  • Requirements

    Students must fulfill requirements in global awareness, understanding diversity, historical perspective, and a foreign language by completing:

    • one course addressing culture of a region other than the United States, or successfully completing a study abroad program;
    • one course addressing diversity issues, or successfully completing an independent study or internship that engages with diversity issues;
    • one course addressing historical events, contexts or processes to understand of cultures, institutions, and ideas;
    • an intermediate level or higher course in a foreign language sequence, or demonstration of equivalent proficiency by examination.

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